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Affiliate Program Basics

Q. Can you tell me about Spark Networks?
Spark Networks is one of the world's largest providers of online dating networks in the United States and internationally with a database of over 47 million registered users. Our communities offer convenient and safe places online for singles to connect resulting in many long-term relationships and – quite often – marriages. The precursor of Spark Networks established itself in 1997 with the introduction of JDate®, now the leading online personals website amongst Jewish singles. Driven by JDate's success, the company went on to launch a variety of religious, ethnic, special interest and geographically targeted online singles communities including:®,®, ChristianMingle®, LDS Mingle® and many more. During 2008, Spark Networks averaged approximately 4.8 million unique monthly visitors.
Q. How do I get started as an affiliate?
To become a Spark Networks affiliate, just complete the affiliate application right here on the affiliate site. We will review your application and website and get back to you within approximately 48 hours.
Q. How much can I earn as an affiliate? 
You earn money for each person you send our way that becomes a paid Subscriber (or Premium Member depending on the site).

Our Sites Percent of Initial Subscription Payment Earned by You 65% 65% 55% 55%

Payment will be made in U.S. Dollars only.
Q. How can I promote on my site?
You can promote us by using any of the banners provided in our banner gallery. All banners have been tested and proven successful. When you select a banner, we automatically attach your Affiliate ID (PRM) so that we can effectively track each person you send to us. Banners that are sized 300x250 tend to perform the best.

You can use banners around your website, as well as in your customer emails, confirmations and newsletters. You can also create a “Personals” section that uses banners to link back to one of our sites.
Q. How can I increase my earnings?
If you are a high-earning affiliate, you can take advantage of the revenue share and co-brand programs to further grow your earnings as you increase your performance. Contact our Affiliate Manager to find out more.

Here are some additional tips to start increasing your revenue:
  • Integrate a “Personals” section into your site's navigation. A personals section is a great feature and service to add to your website, and also a sure-fire way to boost earnings. And the investment is next to nothing because you simply link it back to one of our sites.
  • Use banners that are 300x250. They tend to perform really well!
  • Include us on your customer emails blasts/confirmations/newsletters. Emails are a great way to increase your sales.
Q. How many of Spark Networks’ sites can I promote?
We encourage you to have as many affiliate sites as you'd like. They can all be under one affiliate account, but each site must be individually approved. Please submit a new site application for each new site.
Q. How can I contact you?
Spark Networks
Affiliate Program
8383 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 800
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Q. Is there a payment threshold?
For US and Canadian publishers, there is no threshold. For international publishers, commissions will be held until they reach $100 before being sent.

Reports and Tracking

Q. How do you keep track of guests from my site who register or subscribe?
When you become an affiliate, we give you a unique Promoter ID (PRM) that will be used for each approved affiliate site that you have with us. Your Promoter ID (PRM) is automatically attached to any banner you use, which lets us track each registrant or subscriber you sent to us.
Q. How will I know when people that I’ve sent to your site register or subscribe?
You can access reports right here on the affiliate site. Just log in and choose the type of report you'd like to see – daily, weekly, monthly and more.
Q. How do I track my performance if I have more than one affiliate site?
Your Promoter ID (PRM) is used for each approved affiliate site that you have with us, and your ID is attached to any banner you use. You can log in right here at the affiliate site to access your progress reports.
Q. How do you keep track of guests from my site who register or subscribe at a later time by going straight to one of your sites?
Whenever a user clicks one of our banners on your site and visits one of our sites, your Promoter ID (PRM) is attached to that user as a cookie. Then, whenever the user returns to our site, we can read your ID in the cookie.

Getting Paid

Q. How often will I get paid?
We track registrations and subscriptions from the first through the last of each month and then pay you at the end of the following month (net 30). You can track your up-to-date results throughout the month right here on the affiliate site.
Q. How do you define a registration?
A registration occurs when a local resident completes the registration form on the site and provides a valid email address. You can track your results throughout the month right here on the affiliate site.
Q. How do you define a subscription?
A subscription occurs when a registered member purchases a Subscription (also referred to as a Premium Membership on some of our sites). You can track your results throughout the month right here on the affiliate site.
Q. How will I be paid?
We will pay you by check.